OLX Personas

After the Interaction Design training with Cooper, OLX perceived the importance of having well-defined Personas. The UX Researcher and I teamed up to conduct the Persona discovery process.

We recruited a user base of 27 people which included buyers, private sellers and professional sellers across the product categories of general goods, real estate and cars.

This was my first experience with users face to face, where I focused on note-taking while learning interviewing skills live with my coworker who was an experienced user researcher.

We made a list of insights and started mapping the experiences using a behavioural spectrum chart, which we used for understanding frequent behaviours and segmenting them into the final Personas.

We mapped the demographics, motivations, end goals, experience goals, behaviours and expectations. Then we created backstories similar to the ones we’ve heard throughout the interviews, creating the Personas.

Final personas

Examples of the content of each persona’s doc:


After this work, the company’s tech and product department was reorganized based on the Personas we created. We moved from feature-focused teams to multidisciplinary teams that would each take care of one Persona’s journey.