Chama is a smartphone app for delivery of gas cylinders in areas where there is no piped gas. Even though the HQ is based in Amsterdam, the products is targeted to third-world countries, starting with Brazil.

Before Chama, these consumers would have to call different gas dealers, visit their shops or wait for the truck to pass by. Chama aggregated different gas sellers where you can compare prices, delivery times and rating.

I first worked on evolving the design and usability of the first version of the consumer-facing app (iOS and Android) and a desktop admin tool where gas cylinder dealers receive the orders, which at that time had only existed for four months.

Then, working closely with the developers and receiving insights from the customer care team I started working on new features for them. I also planned, prepared prototypes for and conducted user research in SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil.

Consumer app initial redesign

First made for the Android app and later ported to iOS. The goal of this redesign was to improve clarity, information hierarchy and consistency, while creating a more appealing look and feel.

Old screens for reference: