Apps Club

Apps Club is an app store which features a collection of premium or ad-free apps from partners such as EA, Cartoon Network, Sega and Runtastic. The billing is done via the user’s mobile carrier, so users who don’t have credit cards to register at Google Play now can have access to these paid apps.

Apps Club is licensed as an whitelabel product for all of Brazil’s biggest carriers (Oi, Claro, Tim and Vivo) and smartphone brands (Samsung, Positivo). By the time I left Bemobi, it was expanding to Latin America (América Móvil) and worldwide.

Unified app

Bemobi used to have three different apps: Apps Club, Games Club and Kids Club. At some point, they were to be merged under one app, but still with independent subscriptions. For that, we had to extend the existing user journey to accommodate flows where the user could learn about the three options, subscribe to one (or more), and switch between their active subscriptions during use.

Recharge flow

As mentioned before, Apps Club billing was done via the mobile phone carrier. However, a large share of the user base were pre-paid phone users. Because os that, Apps Club eventually added features to check your balance or recharge your credits, which led to the carrier’s recharge app or website.

DRM proposal

The DRM is the shell that protects the developer’s apps and checks the users’ subscription to acess them. It also displays many messages that range from “downloading content” to others that convey the value of the app (“all items unlocked” and such). They were initially displayed as default Android dialogs, so this project was about defining the UI for them in a way that was consistent with the Apps Club.

New media page proposal

The Media Details page is where the user sees all the information about an app, but initially was heavily textual. This proposal, inspired by Material Design, aimed to include more visual elements to bring interest to the interface.


Although we would use a specific logo for each carrier’s version of the app, we also had a “whitelabel” logo. This logo was used mainly in the Apps Club website but also for some carriers which didn’t require a logo of their own.

Improvements made from the original version include overall shape and proportions, typography and lighting/gradients.